People often interview several Fort Lauderdale web designers before they select one. All too often we find that many people will just find someone write a check and then get poor quality work or the programmer simply disappears. How can you be sure you won't fall into the same trap? South Florida has a lot of people who come from all parts of the world and all around the United States. It is often said that the population is very transient. This is why you hear of so many people having so many problems with all types of contractors. We would suggest that the most important thing to look for in a programmer is stability. Find a company with an office that you can go visit. Find a company that wasn't designing wedding invitations last year and this year claiming to be professional website designers. If you look into our company you'll see that our website design division is part of a full service advertising agency. We are not new to this business at all and we began in 1993 and our business has continued to grow since that time.

Here is how it all started for us:

  • 1993 Royal Blanks sells blank t-shirts wholesale to screen printing shops and embroiders. We begin offering corporate apparel of our own.
  • 1995 We start a new division called back when people first began to hear about the "World Wide Web" we were website designers.
  • 1999 We begin to offer promotional products and become more involved in design work. We become the designers of all the official artwork for the city of Fort Lauderdale's festivals.
  • 2003 We begin to offer TV commercial production, brochure design and offer all forms of advertising agency services in our new company Ad Excellence.
  • 2007 We begin offering Web 2.0 marketing and viral marketing.
  • 2009 We acquired full ownership of Reseller Website Hosting.

Today all of the above mentioned businesses are part of our full service advertising agency Ad Excellence. With our company you can be assured that you are hiring someone competent, with years of experience in all forms of design. We invite you to come to our office which is now located in Hollywood Florida and see examples of our work and go over all the possible options for your newest project. You might be surprised to learn that there are so many options to consider but we make it simple and easy to understand for anyone in any type of business.

A great percentage of our work comes from existing clients who refer us to their friends and other business owners. There is no greater compliment than to refer your friends to us. One of the reasons so many people like our work is that we get the job done on time. More importantly we are experienced, professional website designers who won't ask you, "What do you want us to do?" instead we will offer you our advice and suggestions. Our prices are very reasonable and this is why our clients can be small, one person businesses or large corporations. Big companies didn't get big by throwing away money and small business owners need to see a return on every dollar they invest in their business. Having said all of that I think the biggest reason people refer their friends to us is that they make money as a result of the work we do for them. So many people today complain that they don't make any money from the Internet. This only means that they have hired the wrong company to work for them. If you have a site that nobody can find then the only thing you can do is hand your business card to people and ask them to check it out. Obviously the problem with this is that these people are your friends and people that you already know so this won't bring you any new business. This is why search engine optimization or SEO is so important when you have a website designed. It isn't enough to have a design firm show you beautiful work you also need to see how good they are at Internet marketing.

The above video shows examples of search engine optimization used to help our clients

The above video shows examples of web 2.0 marketing and viral marketing used to help a client of ours

If you are starting a new business or want to get more clients into your existing business you'd have a difficult time finding some other more effective form of advertising. Let's consider your options. With movie theater advertising you we do a great job of reaching hundreds of people at a time in a local area. Of course you are hoping and betting your money on the fact that if only these people hear your message they would be interested in your products or services. With TV advertising we can reach thousands of people at a time in each market area but once again we are placing a bet that people will want to come to our stores if they could just hear our message. The same is true of all forms of print advertising in newspapers, magazines and direct mail. In each case we are trying to find customers and trying to attract those customers with clever slogans and marketing messages. There is only one exception in all of the advertising agency services we offer and that is a good website. When you hire a professional website designer and get something that looks good and ranks well within the search engines only then do you have people looking for and finding you.

So now the big question is how do you find someone competent, reliable, experienced and dependable? Everyone these days claims to be an expert at search engine optimization or SEO and they all claim to get the job done fast. Some design firms claim to be cheaper; watch out! We have found these days that SEO is the absolute minimum that a new website will need in order to have any hope of ranking well. SEO might work for you if your business has very little competition. For the rest of us we are finding that Web 2.0 marketing is what it takes to get noticed by the search engines these days. It is the result of extensive viral marketing and Web 2.0 marketing that causes our advertising agency website to be so easy to find in all search engines. For example go to your favorite search engine and do a search for "full service ad agency". Chances are that at the top of the list NOT in the pay-per-click or sponsored section but in the free or "organic" part of the search engine you'll find our company Ad Excellence at the top of the list.

One of our newest projects is for an international food company. They make microwave popcorn and coffee. We will be making their TV commercial for the United States and we will place that 30-second spot on broadcast and cable TV stations around the country. They also have us working on their new ecommerce website. This is an example of exactly the type of client we like to work for because we get to handle the entire marketing program. Think of our main company if you are looking for an advertising agency and for a Professional Fort Lauderdale website designer.

We recently finished a new site for a Fort Lauderdale attorney. This lawyer is one of those general practitioners; the type you don't see much of anymore. Today it seems that everyone wants to specialize in one form of law or another. In our business we learn all kinds of interesting facts. For example a lawyer can't say "specializing in" or "expert" unless that lawyer is board certified. We have done a lot of advertising work for law firms and individual attorneys. The funny thing is that most of them like to work in one area of law on another but they aren't board certified so we have to be careful about the wording in all projects related to attorney advertising. Please contact us when you want the best South Florida website designers.

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