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Search Engine Optimization is critical to getting your website seen on the Internet. This is why finding a good web designer is only half the battle. Be wary of people who make wild claims about having a back door to the search engines. Nobody can guarantee where your site will come up in any specific search except the search engines themselves. It is also wise to avoid Internet only based SEO companies. On the Internet everyone can look so impressive but they can also hide from you after they get your money. We have a real office location that you can come an visit at any time.

So now what? How do you find someone to help you with search engine optimization? Just like the warnings we see from stock brokers that say "past success is not a guarantee of future performance"; true it isn't but what else do we have to go by? We offer examples of our work as evidence that we actually understand what needs to be done to improve your ranking. We are ready to work for you so that your website will be found when people search for the services you provide.

At the top right side of our portfolio page you can see our search engine optimization video with real examples of our work.

Hey you found our website didn't you!

Viral Marketing is becoming much more important now that SEO companies have sprung up overnight like mushrooms. It isn't like the old days where people just wanted a web presence; today everyone wants to come up at the top of the search engines. Obviously everyone can't!

Today we are using Web 2.0 and social media networking to pick up where SEO left off. Think of us as your public relations department for all of your Internet marketing needs.

Companies that invest in a viral marketing campaign will find that for a relatively small investment they can reach people around the entire country and much of the world. If you wanted to advertise on TV and run your commercial nationally then you could easily spend $50,000.00 and even more depending upon the TV ratings of the show where your ad runs. Your $50,000.00 would get your ad on one decent TV show only one time. With an effective viral marketing program you might spend only a few thousand dollars each month and obtain much better results than you would by having a TV commercial run just one time. Don't get me wrong, we love TV advertising. We are only trying to say that dollar for dollar many businesses would be far better off with a good viral marketing campaign. Once the program is started it just continues and often gets better as months go by without any additional investment. TV commercials only produce results for as long as you are willing to pay to keep them running on TV.

BMW, Reebok and other well known companies take advantage of viral videos to sell their products; maybe you should too! We can help.

We have experience that you'll appreciate when you see us go from concept to a fully functioning website quickly and painlessly.

In the two videos on the right you can see how we helped a client of ours who is a Fort Lauderdale Dentist. She moved from the west coast of Florida to the East coast and paid some other company to make her website and nobody could ever find her. Then she found a company that sells leads to dentists. The lead generation program was expensive so when we offered a three month web 2.0 program that would end her need for buying leads she was thrilled. Our fees are very reasonable and in this case the monthly fee the lead generation company was charging her (for the rest of her life) was the same amount as what we charged for three months. The difference of course is that after three months she didn't need us any more; and that is exactly what we told her would happen.

We all have options in life. We can pay others for the rest of our life to bring us the leads we need for our business to survive or we can take matters into our own hands like the dentist did. The dentist won't need to pay anyone again to bring leads to her because she now generates (for free) the very same leads the lead company was selling to her.

There is one further benefit of generating your own leads for your business; just in case saving a fourtune isn't enough. The lead generation companies after charging you a fortune will sell the very same lead they sold to you to several of your competitors. By the time you call those leads back they are already annoyed by all the phone calls they've received. By generating your own leads for your business they are your leads alone and nobody else is contacting them.

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We got our start when most people had never even seen this new thing called the World Wide Web. This is our original 1995 site: website design. Back in 1995 when a potential client wanted a new website they just wanted to be ahead of the others and most of them had never even seen anything on the Internet. We would begin our meeting by showing them what the Internet looked like and how to search for something. We would try to find a competitor to their business but most of the time we couldn't. There were only about 100,000 pages on the Internet back then so if we made a website for a client it was likely that they wouldn't have much competition. Today it has been stated that the Internet has more individual pages than there are people on earth. With billions of pages on the Internet now being seen is much more difficult but it can still be done when you work with a company that has the right experience.

Viral Video Examples

Please watch the video below to hear how a client of ours was able to stop paying a third party to provide leads for her dental office. She would have been forced to continue buying leads until the day she retired had she not contacted us about a viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing campaign. Now she doesn't need to buy leads because the leads she used to be paying for come to her for free.

Please watch the video below to see a web 2.0 marketing example showing how we can make sure that your business will be found once your website has been designed.


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