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Website design examples

These are some older examples of our work. To see our current work please click: Web Design Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Trade Show Displays

This website was designed to show off these truly unique portable popup trade show displays. The website features videos that show how quickly the trade show displays can be setup and taken down. Click to view over 200 styles of Fort Lauderdale trade show displays

South Florida Business Website Design Example

This website was designed with a database driven back end or content management system in which the site owners are able to enter text in four languages. Visitors to the website select the language from a drop down menu at the top of each page of the website.

Database driven website

We made this database driven website for The Miami Herald. Visitors to the website must be subscribers in order to login with their phone number and house number. Once logged in they can print about 100 different savings coupons. From within the admin the site administrators are able to change the banner ads that appear to the right or add more coupons plus many other features. They are also able to add new pages by simply clicking the "Page Add" button. To see how this works please see the third video on the right. The admin of the website is also used to send out a monthly newsletter to thousands of subscribers. The newsletter is created each month by our company and offers discounts and savings on all types of restaurants, fast foods, attractions and retail shopping in the Miami-Dade and Broward - Fort Lauderdale areas.

ecommerce website design examples

Fort Lauderdale e-commerce website designer

This ecommerce website has a feature you don't often find on websites where products are sold. If you want to pay your water bill or parking fines online you can do that here. This is a different type of ecommerce website. Our team of website designers have a vast amount of experience and we are able to custom program websites to do just about anything you may need.

Fort Lauderdale e-commerce website design

This is a website which not only sells caviar retail but also wholesale. If you wanted to buy wholesale then you would fill out the form. An email is sent to the website administrator who would call to be sure that you are contacting them from a retail store, restaurant or hotel. Then once they have confirmed this they simply click the "Approve" button in the admin of the website and your wholesale account would instantly be active. What you would see when logged into the wholesale section is an identical website but the prices would all be wholesale. It is actually only one website but in the admin the website owner is able to enter both wholesale and retail prices. From within the admin the site owners can change the prices, add or delete products and create coupon codes to offer discounts. They are also able to use Customer Relationship Management function of the website to contact people who signed up for their newsletter or anyone who made a purchase. The website separates buyers into wholesale and retail buyers so that e-mails can be generated that are targeting one group. When a restaurant owner receives an e-mail about a replenishing inventory it is much more targeted and more likely to be opened than a generic e-mail would be. There is also a place in the CMS - Content Management System where the site owner can enter retail and wholesale prices. People with a password are able to view the exact same website but all the prices shown will be wholesale. This website had one other unique feature; it pays attention to the day of the week and the time. Every caviar order must be shipped next day air so our website makes note of the day of the week and time of day. If your order is placed after 4:00pm on Friday and before Monday then the site will ask you if you agree to have your order shipped on Monday to arrive Tuesday.

Fort Lauderdale Jewelry Website Designer

This website was made for Carroll's Jewelers located on Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.. In addition to having an easy to operate admin where new products can be added and prices can be changed we have one more unique feature. We created a gift registry so that brides and grooms can create an account and other people can search the account. For us it is all in a days work (OK seriously it took more than a day) but for the two previous website designers Carroll's hired they wasted time and money with people who couldn't get the gift registry to work properly. This is not the first client to tell us they wasted a lot of time and money by trying to save money working with someone cheaper. The fourth video to the right show how products are easily added to the admin of our ecommerce websites.

For the website visitors one feature they like is the way you simply roll over the pictures and a larger photo will appear.

Fort Lauderdale contractor website designers

This Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor's website is making use of internet marketing, web 2.0 marketing, web 3.0 marketing and blogs to promote the business. People who have roofing problems can fill out a form online to request a free price quote. The website has a CMS or Content Management System so that the Fort Lauderdale roofer can stay focused on roofing without learning to be a website designer or programmer. The CMS is as easy to use as typing an email.

No project is to big or too small for us. Please click for a free price quote from a Fort Lauderdale website designer.

Experienced, professional, creative Fort Lauderdale Website Designers
We began designing websites back in 1995. Things were different back then as most people had never gone on the Internet to see this new thing everyone was calling the World Wide Web. We started at a time when it was estimated that there were only about 100,000 websites in the entire world. Today it is estimated that the Internet has billions more pages than there are people on earth. Just as a part of history we keep our original 1995 site here: website design. We have experience that you'll appreciate when you see us go from concept to a fully functioning website quickly and painlessly.
Search Engine Optimization SEO examples

In this video a dentist who is a client of ours speaks about how we were able to help her.

Please watch this video about how we helped this client to become the official travel concierge for Super Bowl 2010.

Please watch our video showing search engine optimization examples.

Please watch our video below about CRM - Customer Relationship Management made easy! With our CRM you are able to send out personalized e-mails to hundreds or thousands of clients at a time. You can include the clients first name, last name and company name. The best part of our Customer Relationship Management system is that it is fully automated so that you could setup e-mails in advance and have them go out on a pre-determined schedule. For example if someone buys something today then you could have e-mail number one go out. Then in x days you have e-mail number 2 go out and so on. There is no limit on how many follow up e-mails can be scheduled to go out.

In the video below we outline some of the basic features of a database driven website. Please note that everything we do is fully customizable to your needs.

In the video below you will be able to see how easy it is to add products and change prices on an ecommerce website.


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